August 18, 2013

Goodbye, God? Irish scientist predicts atheism will overtake religion in Jamaica.

"By the year 2041, the majority of Jamaicans will not believe in the existence of God, says one Britain-based scientist who is arguing that the move towards atheism is a global trend." 
- The Gleaner

 Is atheism taking over the world? People finally realize there is no man in the sky and start living without fear of eternal damnation or heaven?
I think the word of jesus or god will fade away just like other deity's before (e.g Zeus ), same for the wordlord, like all other religious icons in mankind history. Actually all of the wealthier countries are generally less religious then poor people. Wealth brings better education and understanding of science, but as the Irish scientists say poor people are so desperate for anything that might help them, it's easy for them to latch onto whatever religion  exists in their countries. That's why most of the people are clinging on the last hope, thinking there is someone who will help or save them.
   "The more desperate you are, the bigger the chances to believe there is a God" - Me.