August 8, 2013
Hi, my name its Alex.
 I just realised that my whole life its some kind of a lie. I mean, people believe in a mythical being that's gonna save them from the evil. After all who made this rules? Whats good and whats bad? I was never sure I'm doing a good thing ... but now i realised, the church was just an excuse to control mindless people, that are desperate and their only hope its god. That god doesn't even exist, i mean why people don't believe in Spider-man , he is some fictional character too. It took me a lot of time to realise I'm somehow brain washed, I'm a zombie. I follow the rules of something that's made by other people, I'm not saying i should run around murdering people or anything...but, if there is a god, why do we have to love and pray to him, to act like slaves? And if he loves us all, why does he have to make choices. Also if he can save people why doesn't he do it? Is this some kind of game? I'm sick of this bullshit, I'm my own god. I make my own future, i stopped believing in god and satan. That's stupid.
The moment i realised there is no god.
 Since then everything went better, i don't live with the fear that someone will chose  where i go: heaven or hell. There is no life after death, many people tried to prove that. You just die. End of story.

Why i stopped believing?
Well, why not? I had enough  of this so called "god" and other people pulling benefits on the back of this "god". Why does "god" need money? When ever you go to church you have to pay for something, if you want your sins to be forgiven...guess what you have to pay. If you want to marry the woman/man you fell in love with, again, you have to pay the priest. When they bury you, your family or someone has to pay the priest or else he wont do the religious service.When they chose the path of "god", don't they give up this kind of stuff? The church its made to manipulate the masses of mindless people and too pull benefits. I was never happy with this, i never understood until now.

All i can say now its: I'm Free!
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Have a great day, thanks for reading.