August 19, 2013

I found this video

   So the reporter it's saying that you cannot create something from nothing, then how did the Big Bang happen? If there was nothing?Then he said there was god who created something for the Big Bang to happen. But if you can't create something from nothing, then who created god? Isn't he contradicting himself trying that there is a god?

  After all why do people still try to make us believe in this mythical being. I mean we don't go from door to door trying to make them stop believing, right? Why do they try to get us in their flock. They must be thinking they doing some heavenly job and they will get a special place in heaven. Not like the rest of the people.
   And what if there was a god, and he died 2000 years ago, and one year after that some people died, and got to hell do they suffer there until this god will come again to die on the cross? Or what?

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