August 19, 2013

It's all part of god's plan...

    Its the same with doctors saving someones life, if he saves it...its a miracle made by god if he fails he killed the patient. Its his fault and he will go to hell.
    Most of this cases made me rethink the existence of god...and made me realise there is no god. If he is so loving and caring why does he put people thru this kind of things? He makes you like this young lady just to put you to the test? And if you lose your faith and don't love him suffer until you die....and after that you will suffer again the eternal damnation.

    I know people who got in this situation or less like this one, for example loose some fingers, but well, it was their fault, they were working and they didn't follow the work safety instruction and they have relied on god.They were saying if god wants you to loose your fingers you will lose them. Whats this crap? If you weren't a moron and you would follow some simple rules like wearing safety equipment you wouldn't get in that situation. Sometimes it's someones else fault, maybe you get hit by a car. But why didn't god save you? Why? Maybe because there's no god. I wish everybody would stop with this god's plan. You have your own path, you make the choices not god.
   I also don't understand how is that kids figure out that Santa isn't real, but not jesus? This is completely reta***ed. Right? Why did you stopped believing in Santa?or Tooth Fairy? or Easter Bunny? Isn't the same thing. Why do we have to make things so complicated. It's that simple... do the same thing you did with Santa. There is no god, just people.
  Have a nice day!