August 20, 2013

Los intocables ...i hope this wasn't posted before.

More inside...

     The first image refers to the exploitation of religion wrongly by the religious establishment to people and controlling them and their ideas.
     The second image is on the subject of child abuse in tourism authority of Thailand.  
     The third image indicating the war in Syria.
     The fourth image : Organ trading on the black market, where the first victims are the children of the poorest countries.
     The fifth image refers to weapons and gangs and mafias in the United States.
     The sixth image: the obesity caused by major fast food companies, which Still its victims are children .
     The seventh one refers to something from japan, i really don't understand this one. 

     The work of Cuban artist Erik Ravelo, of which we have already spoken at his project Lana Sutra and UNHATE campaign, allegations of child abuse cases during the conflict in Syria, Thailand, the United States and Japan, investigates the decline of our civilization, irreparable damage created by Western consumer culture, which inevitably will impact on future generations.

In a world where visual communication is saturated and ultraviolent and our perceptual abilities are introduced anesthetized and thoughtful mainly related to fear and desire, just a "violent image is able to force us to think.

    What do you think about this photos? They seem to have a high impact on  society as they spread on social networking sites , and it is one of the most genius photos in 2013.