August 24, 2013

We need one of this for adults too

 Child/Adult Psychiatrist

    Don't you think we need one of this? Maybe more people would stop believing in imaginary gods and head on the right way of thinking. Before when i was seeing insane people or people thinking different then me i was using this saying: " Maybe I'm the one who's insane, and they are the ones that are sane." Now that i choosed this path of atheism i realised how wrong i was before. I mean, people with imaginary friends usual are the one who are insane, right? Now that i have stopped having one, I'm on the right way of sanity. If you tell most of the people you have an imaginary friend they will think  you are insane or something, but isn't this god, an imaginary friend too? If you are looking from the same perspective as you look at man/woman with an imaginary friend called, let's say Tim, people who have this "friend" called god, are in the same pot. So why aren't they treated the same way? Maybe because most of the people who chose if they are sane or not, have the same imaginary friend as they do, or maybe I'm wrong. But in 90% of the cases I'm pretty sure the one that give the "diagnosis" have the same buddy. I wonder how so many of them chose the same "friend". And as kid, if you have an imaginary friend that later on you forget it,  and you stop believing in Santa, Easter Bunny and all others "friends" why don't you stop thinking there's one more friend that doesn't exist. Sometimes i wonder with what kind of evidence will the believers come to prove the Easter Bunny its real, or why don't they try to convince us Santa or Easter Bunny its real. Why it has to be this god? I would embrace more the idea of the Easter Bunny then god. We should start praying to the Easter Bunny and let's see where that takes us. It's the same thing. 
      We should believe in god because its written in the bible, yea right, then we should believe in spider-man because its written in the comic book. Both fictional characters. If the bible was a comic book, that would be the best comic book of all because the author managed to make so many people think that his fictional character was and it still is  real, and he will be forever and will watch us from between the clouds. After all why do you have to beg to get something? Isn't easier to do the thing you are begging for? You beg for money? Go work, start a business do something. Sitting on your knees won't bring you money, or maybe it will but not if you are praying. Some things are harder to achieve or maybe impossible. Like making a shark walk on land and speak, seems impossible, it is impossible. Or maybe not, maybe there is someone who's able to make them do that, to make them evolve. It looks like I'm talking Pokemon here. I'm mostly bad at giving examples or helping people understand somethings i understand in my way, because its hard, you can't be thinking the same way i do. Any way, as i said in my first post : Adults with imaginary friends are stupid!.

Have a nice day!


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