September 2, 2013

How do the others react when you tell them you're an atheist?

   So yea, basically how do the others react? Have you told anybody? Did anyone ask? Does your family know or something? 
    Most of the times i tell someone or i try to tell them, they shove me all that god its gonna punish you and send you to hell, crap down my throat.
    I'm happy my grandma understands me and most of the times she agrees with me when we have contradictory discussions about religion and the sky man. But i don't know how others will react, if they ever find out. Will they treat me the same? Being atheist most people treat you the same way they treat gay persons, not that i have something about other people sexual choices.

      Also, how do you "baptize" your children? Or other religious things most people do them.I'm a newbie. Well overall I'm not afraid or ashamed of the path i chose to follow. But i don't know how others will react. Share your experiences.
        Hope i get a lot of feedback on this.For science purpose.


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