September 23, 2013

Should i face palm myself?

   What is the meaning of this? I'm a ghost? Other people can actually see me? Do i have super powers? Or maybe im some kind of God.
    After all, why do people hate us so much? Well some of them do that, can't they just ignore the fact that we follow another path, they don't see me pointing fingers at them because they chosed to belive in a mytical being.
    But if there is no god... what happens then? After all, there is a proof atheists exists, right? We are the living proof. So what now?
September 14, 2013

An atheist speaks up

Atheists should speak up on the Quebec ban on religious symbols. 

Amid the range of commentary — from high-minded to grubby — on the proposed Quebec ban on religious garb in certain public spaces, one very large group has not put its hand up.
We are atheists. We are a bashful people, we are the Canadian Ladies of Shalott, the foster children of silence and slow time, oh wait, that was Keats, not


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